Keep the Faith, Change the Church.


2019 Conference: Creating a Just Church -- Welcome & Opening Prayer

Voice of the Faithful President Mary Pat Fox opens VOTF's 2019 Conference: Creating a Just Church. She is followed immediately by Jayne O'Donnell, former VOTF Trustee and co-facilitator of VOTF's Broken Vessel™ Healing Circle program, who leads conference attendees in an opening prayer.

2019 Conference: Creating a Just Church -- Anne Burke Presentation

Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne Burke reflects on her experience with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' National Review Board as chair from 2002 until 2004. Justice Burke says she has lost confidence in the Catholic bishops ability to hold themselves accountable.

2019 Conference: Creating a Just Church -- Grassroots Panel Discussion

VOTF President Mary Pat Fox moderates Grass Roots Panel Discussion with (left to right) Tom Beecher, Buffalo, New York; Susan Vogt and Jan Seidal, Cincinnati, Ohio; and Kathleen Coogan, Washington, D.C. Panel members present their faith communities' responses to clergy sexual abuse and cover-ups and diocesan financial malfeasance.