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In the Vineyard: April 25, 2022

In the Vineyard :: April 25, 2022 :: Volume 22, Issue 8

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"Conversations on Synodality" Inspires Attendees

On April 20, Voice of the Faithful hosted a webinar with Synod theological commission members Rafael Luciani and Kristin Colberg, who are two of the 25 experts in theology, philosophy, and canon law working with the General Secretariat on the 2023 Synod.

You Can Now Register for VOTF Synod on Synodality Input Sessions for April & May

Boston, Mass., Apr. 5, 2022― Voice of the Faithful has scheduled additional input sessions for the Synod on Synodality for April & May. The Synod is the most significant opportunity ever for the Church’s laity to influence the future of the Church. Anyone interested may note the following points and then register for one Set of two sessions using the links below:

Is Pope Francis prepping for doomsday in the church? I hope so. / America: The Jesuit Review

If that interpretation proves accurate to the Vatican’s intent, it would mean not only that most of the departments in the dusty but incredibly well-decorated halls of Rome can be run by women and men who aren’t priests, but that our local parishes and dioceses could. (By Jim McDermott, America: The Jesuit Review)

Voice of the Faithful presents "Conversations on Synodality with Vatican Commission Experts"

BOSTON, Mass., Apr. 6, 2022― Voice of the Faithful is presenting a webinar, “Conversations on Synodality with Vatican Commission Experts,” on April 20 as one of the events marking its 20th anniversary in 2022. The synod theological commission members featured on the webinar are Rafael Luciani and Kristin Colberg. The theological commission comprises 25 experts in theology, philosophy, and canon law from around the world.