Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Structural Change

The problems that came to light in the sex-abuse scandals revealed significant flaws in the human institutional life of the Church. As faithful members of the Church, we have a right and a duty to work to correct them. We respect the teaching authority of the Church and recognize the role that the hierarchy should exercise in discernment. It is essential, however, that all the people of God be involved in this process of discernment. We therefore devote ourselves to advancing meaningful and active engagement of the laity in the life of the Church.

Statement of Principle: VOTF is motivated by the conviction that the whole Church should respect the dignity and intelligence of all its members (clerical and lay), and acknowledge the right and responsibility of the laity, flowing from their baptism, to use their God-given gifts for the good of the Church.

Goal: To help shape structural change within the Church. 

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