Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Calendar of Events

Locate Meetings and Presentations
Calendar of Events helps you to locate meetings and events on the Web at Use this calendar to find a PV meeting or a VOTF-related presentation near you.

Announce Your Meetings, Speakers and Other Events
Email your announcement at least two weeks in advance to Please include

  1. the details of your meeting or event (time, date, location with full address);

  2. your contact information (so we can confirm or check details); and

  3. a contact for people who want more information (an email address or telephone number is best).

Find or Recommend a Speaker
If you have used a speaker who you think other Parish Voice groups would like to hear, or if you are a speaker who would like to make yourself available, email your contact information for the speaker to We will contact the speakers to get more details, then make the list available. To get a copy of the current list, email your request to the same address.