Keep the Faith, Change the Church.

Monthly Giving: Become a VOTF Partner

By making monthly tax-deductible donations, you can help us focus more of our energy on the important work of church reform – and less on fundraising. For as little as $10 per month you can help cover our daily operational expenses (Click here to see what it takes to "Keep The Lights On"), enabling VOTF staff to spend more time supporting projects and attaining our ambitious goals for church reform.

Your monthly donations may be cancelled or changed at any time, and becoming a monthly donor is easy. Simply select the monthly amount that is most comfortable for you, provide your credit card information on our secure online signup, and rest assured knowing that every month you are helping lead the way towards meaningful church reform.

Your partnership with VOTF provides us with a dependable, regular, monthly source of financial support that creates a more stable foundation. The added security of monthly donor support enables organizations to allocate more time towards the important work of their missions rather than the constant need to raise funds in order to make ends meet.

Click here to become a VOTF Partner and start monthly giving today. Or, simply call the office at (781) 559-3360, and we will walk you through the process.

As a member of the Partners Club, please know that your monthly sacrifice is making all the difference in these difficult times, enabling our staff to remain focused on the important work of church reform.

Our monthly donors are truly cherished and valued supporters of the Voice of the Faithful mission to “Keep the Faith, Change the Church.”