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Honor the 'mothers' of early Christianity during Women's History Month / National Catholic Reporter

Yet Christian women did not keep silent or remain enclosed. They spoke up about important ecclesial issues, served the marginalized, taught both men and women, and witnessed freely about the Christ with whom they had thrown in their lot. They are great role models for the women and men of today.

National Catholic Reporter

Women's History Month is a great time to celebrate the "mothers" of our Christian church. Until recently, few realized that early female believers shaped our church's future no less than their better-known brothers (aka the "fathers of the church").

On Feb. 14, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI made the rather remarkable statement that " without the generous contribution of many women, the history of Christianity would have developed very differently," and that the female presence was not "in any way secondary."

Some early church mothers are relatively well-known while others are all but forgotten. Early writings and funerary inscriptions testify that women served as prophets, evangelists, missionaries, teachers, deacons, presbyters, enrolled widows, and heads of house churches and monasteries.

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